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Employees and Employers Benefit from Java in the Workplace

With successful specialty coffee shops on almost every corner of Toronto neighbourhoods, there is no denying that Torontonians love their coffee.. Many rely on their favourite java beverages to get them through the workday.

Employers are taking note of their employees' coffee drinking habits and some are even replacing their old standard coffee pots with specialty brewing machines. There are many advantages to offering coffee and espresso in the workplace, with some even benefiting the employers. In fact, most of the benefits of supplying coffee in the workplace occur almost immediately!

Benefits to providing coffee and espresso machines in the work environment include:

  • Attentive employees;
  • Punctual employees;
  • Satisfied employees;
  • Productivity growth; and
  • Improved workplace companionship.

Regardless of whether it's a standard coffee brewing machine, single serve coffee maker, espresso machine, or espresso pod brewer, we can provide the best coffee beans available anywhere.

Attentive Employees

Most people are already aware of caffeine's stimulating tendencies. By providing coffee or espresso in the workplace, employees can stay alert throughout the day, especially during that mid-afternoon lull.

Just a cup in the afternoon can rejuvenate employees, giving them a refreshed perspective and renewed energy to handle their remaining tasks of the day.

Punctual Employees

Employers can decrease the frequency of tardy employees simply by adding a coffee and espresso machine to their office kitchen. Rather than taking time to brew their coffee at home or stop by the coffee shop on the way to work, employees can make their coffee at work, thus eliminating a step in their morning routines and getting them to work faster.

Satisfied Employees

Not only does coffee stimulate the senses, but it also soothes the nerves of regular coffee drinkers. Everyone knows a co-worker who is just not the same without their morning caffeine fix; they often appear more agitated and sluggish without it.

By making coffee more accessible in the office environment, employees are able to easily satisfy their caffeine cravings. Furthermore, it creates a more comfortable environment for workers, showing them that they are appreciated and respected. When employees feel recognized and appreciated, they are more likely to enjoy their work and perform better.

Productivity Growth

Many of the benefits to providing coffee and espresso in the workplace lead to increased productivity. Attentive, punctual and satisfied employees all help to increase the productivity of an office.

Employees who consistently show up on time for work, who are able to stay focused and alert throughout the day, and who feel happy and appreciated at work are likely to perform better overall. They will be able to think quickly and with more clarity, stay creative and resourceful, and maintain energy throughout the workday.

Improved Coworker Relations

Satisfied employees not only improve productivity but also the sense of companionship within the workplace. When employees are happy and feel respected, they are more likely to be open with one another and form stronger friendships.

As result, there is an improved sense of camaraderie and employees are more likely to take pride in working together as a team, which again leads to increased productivity.

Coffee drinking is a social act. It brings individuals together and creates an inviting environment for discussions. Coffee breaks create an opportunity for individuals to not only relax, but also to get together and discuss their days and weekends. Building employee relationships is important to creating a friendly and positive workplace environment in which employees can excel.


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