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Kona Blend 16 oz

Kona Blend 16 oz

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The gourmet Kona Blend coffee is a 20% Hawaiian Kona Coffee blended with premium South American Arabica beans to achieve a full flavoured rich brew of Kona coffee with a hint of spice - at a fraction of the price. 40 years of roasting experiences comes into play to provide you with a great custom coffee blend at a reasonable price.

Like true Kona coffee this blend is on the medium side of a roast and mild. This delicate balance allows the nuances of the coffee to shine through and is better sipped than chugged.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee has become difficult to source recently (and very expensive) so we created this blend to offer everyone the chance to experience the bright earthy characteristics and fruit nutty flavour of Hawaiian Kona.

Price is per 16oz / 1 pound / 453g.

Kona beans are grown on specific mountains (the 'Kona District' is 20 miles long by 2 miles wide) in Hawaiian under environmental conditions unique to the location. The unique landscape offers sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons with the mountains providing natural shade giving them a 'shade-grown' quality. The mountains also act as a wind-break protecting coffee trees from potentially damaging weather. This blend maintains the luxurious Kona taste at half the price.

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