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Papua New Guinea Sigri 5 lb Coffee Beans

Papua New Guinea Sigri 5 lb Coffee Beans

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Papua New Guinea Sigri coffee beans are a new addition to our inventory! It starts with a fruity aroma that draws you in has a deep rich body with hickory notes and a smooth sweet finish. These high-grown (5000 feet) Arabica beans actually have their origin in the fabled Jamaican Blue Mountains having been imported to the island some time in the late 1930s. Despite this the climate isn't comparable and the beans reflect that - while delicious they aren't a real substitute for their ancestors.

While not organic certified common farming practice in the New Guinea region is to avoid chemicals for pest control and rely on manual natural cultivating and harvesting. These beans are fermented for 3 days washing every 24 hours and finally immersed in water for 24 hours before allowing to sun-dry.

Priced as 5 lb bag.