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Flavoured Coffee

  • Flavoured Coffee Ships from Canada
  • Free Shipping over $50 see conditions
  • Roasted Fresh to Order
  • Price is per 16-oz / 454-grams / 1-lb unless otherwise specified

  • Flavoured using 100% High-Grown Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Taste Pre-Infused With Premium Flavours
  • Fair Trade Organic Coffees Available for $14.95/pound
  • FREE SHIPPING Over $50 in Canada!
  • Price is per 16 oz / 1-lb / 454-g coffee.

Flavoured Coffees bring all the smell, taste and warmth of delicious coffee, with a unique taste that you just can't get enough of. Enjoy coffees flavoured with cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla and chocolate.

Make sure to be careful when mixing flavoured coffees with regular coffee, as the flavour will spill over into the next batch unless the machine is properly cleaned. If one member of a household enjoys flavourings and another doesn't, coffee syrups might be a better way to get that extra kick.

The free shipping offers lets you combine just a few pounds of coffee, or coffee plus other products, and get your coffee shipped right to your door at no charge. More convenient than a grocery store, we're excited to also deliver a higher quality product to our customers.