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Organic Coffee

  • Organic Coffee Ships from Canada
  • Free Shipping over $50 see conditions
  • Roasted Fresh to Order
  • Price is per 16-oz / 454-grams / 1-lb unless otherwise specified

  • Organic Certified Coffee Beans
  • One of the Largest Ranges in Canada
  • Price per 16-oz / 1-pound / 454-grams
  • FREE SHIPPING Over $50 in Canada!

Organic Coffees help to improve the lives of coffee farmers and their communities. These communities are typically impoverished, living in isolated areas with little access to modern conveniences. The bonus that they get from Organic buyers helps to build roads, schools, and educate the farmers on sustainable practices that will keep their farms running more efficiently and for longer.

Organic Coffee is good for the planet, and good for mankind. The additional care and attention that farmers put into making their farms maintain the Organic certification goes a long way.

Note that Organic doesn't mean it is healthier than regular coffee, or tastes better. In fact, Organic certified coffees will often taste less flavourful than their non-organic counterparts due to fewer fertilizers being used, restraining the plants access to nutrients used to develop flavour.